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Wikipedia dating sim

I was tormented by a dark feeling of foreboding, but I did my best to ignore it and hurried to the gym. Ugh, I'm just getting lower and lower....there's rock bottom. But I've been spending so much time trying to think of what to make you guys do, and I'm just.. Trying to laugh it off now would just be another lie... You have all the food, clothing, and shelter you need. " But wherever I am now, it's 180 degrees away from whatever amazing place I'd made up in my mind. The player has 50 days to build the assigned backups for Monokuma.

And as soon as I entered, a weirdly cheery voice echoed across the room. I've lost my confidence, my groove, and there's no getting it back! Even if the hardware is backwards-compatible, I guess the same doesn't go for the characters. I can even personally guarantee your health and safety! Using a special character management system, the player may assign students to gather materials for crafting the Monokuma backups or constructing tools, rest for the day, or clean the school.

After briefly discussing their situation, the group leaves towards the gym, where they meet with the rest of the students and Monokuma.

Once there, Monokuma makes an identical announcement as he does in the main story, however he declares that he is currently at a loss on what to do since he has forgotten to create "backups" for himself, and therefore cannot truly begin the group's "School Life".

Makoto will also have the option to go on trips with his classmates by spending the Trip Tickets received as a reward for completing Monokuma's spares.

Each time Makoto takes a classmate to a location, and will be able to ask the classmate a question.

The Trigger Happy Heart event occurs when Makoto gets close to full repution hearts on a classmate's report card.

On the 51st day, if the player has completed Monokuma's final spare, Makoto will be alone in the Gym with any characters that the player has earned full max reputation with.

Getting all 10 hearts will unlock that student's ending. It uses mechanics used in the Nonstop Debate trial minigame in the main plot and is similar to the "Shot Through The Heart" minigame in the Island mode of Danganronpa 2.

As Makoto builds his relationship with a character on Trips, Makoto will learn insights about the characters which can be used like truth bullets.

Unlike the Rapid Fire Debate, there is no time limit on Trigger Happy Heart.

Throughout School Mode, Monokuma will request the player to assemble backup Monokumas based on specified concepts, by gathering materials.

Assembling these backup Monokumas rewards the player with Trip Tickets, which can be used to take classmates on a trip to locations within the school and bond with them.

School Mode (スクールモード Sukūrumōdo), also known as its full title Enchanting Dangan Academy ~Purely Prismatic Souls~, is a bonus mode unlocked after beating Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, specifically from the re-release bundle Danganronpa 1.2 Reload, for the Play Station Vita, Playstation 4 and PC.

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Wikipedia dating sim introduction

Wikipedia dating sim