Who is alice englert dating

Being a part of that in any way was always fascinating to me.” TRIPLE-HEADER: While Englert participated in short films growing up, she got her big start in three feature-length movies virtually back-to-back, including this month’s “At this stage I actually just thought they were insane, because it was a huge-budget film and I was just a small indie person.

I was my mother’s daughter.” LONDON CALLING: Taking a breather from her hectic schedule, Englert is currently planning a move from Australia to Britain. And I feel like we need to make that date and do it.” Styled by Deborah Afshani.), Englert spent some of her earliest years on sets.

” And while the list of films on Englert’s resumé is short, with her major credits being “In Fear” and “Ginger & Rosa,” she initially turned down “Beautiful Creatures,” feeling it was too similar to other movies.

It’s amazing, when you’re that age, to try to get a reaction out of people. ” It turned out they had similar visions, though, so it worked out.

I wanted to keep a very definite separation between the film and the books. You're also given this freedom because you're in something that already has a fan base and they're making another one, so you can experiment that much more. : I think it's a funny movie and we have a lot of humor in our relationship.

I didn't want to try to take Lena from the readers. She should always be the way they picture her in their heads. I think it's a good thing for anyone who is looking into stories to try to understand how the world works; it's still love even if you fight.

Really early on when I was Googling it, which now I don't do anymore, someone was saying, "Isn't Lena black? I was thinking actually, it might be cool because look at a TV show with the main actor -- you look at them and first season compared to the second or third season, you see them finding that character, that guy, and really settling into it. In this movie, it's not about an idealized couple fighting against these external circumstances that are bad.

Alice won't look like her." : [Whispers] She was black. But everybody is gonna have a different point of view so you can never really pander to fans because all you'll do is dilute your own ability to do the best job, which is the best thing you can do for the fans. They're a real couple which means that those external circumstances put pressure on, they get frustrated with each other, they get pissy with each other, they yell at each other, they say mean things, and that's what we should be talking about.

So, because of that, it was like a source document for what my character was going through mentally, interally, emotionally.

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Alice Englert, Actress Beautiful Creatures. Alice Allegra Englert born 15 June 1994 is an Australian actress best known for her roles as Rosa in the film Ginger & Rosa, and as Lena Duchannes in the 2013 film Beautiful Creatures. In 2013, she starred in the low-budget horror film In Fear, and in the supernatural romance. 
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Who is alice englert dating introduction

Who is alice englert dating