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You can make dozens of meals with nuts, beans, legumes, veges and fruit and feel fabulous on many levels.This diet is full of wholesome nutrients, you can practically grow it yourself (think of the implications of that for the planet! There are many vegan athletes and a 74 year old vegan was voted “Most Beautiful Vegan “.This wouldn’t be the best ‘everyday’ raw recipe book, but it’s definitely the best in my mind! Note that some of the above links, like the ones for Amazon, are affiliate links, which means that if you happen to buy something, we make a small amount on the purchase.(They have a restaurant in NYC called Pure Food and Wine, and these are recipes from their restaurant kitchen) A better ‘everyday’ raw book would be Raw: The Uncook Book by Juliano (we went to his restaurant in Santa Monica). Thank you for supporting our work here at the Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust.

To have true peace for all, means peace for all species as we truly are all interconnected in this great web of life. So let’s honour them for their sacrifice and allow them to live in peace in this new era.

A model vegan is a fit, healthy, calm, kind, gentle, green, earth-friendly person who extends compassion to all living beings from spiders and ants to cows and sheep and everything in between.

So take this green, earth and animal respecting, peaceful person, and extend this thought to envisioning a .

Cat and dogs can also be vegan, and I would advise you to research their nutritional needs (cats are very different to us and dogs at the moment) so they too can transition to a kinder diet healthfully. When people make a conscious choice not to kill, this changes the collective so that animals are free to make their own choices as well.

If the collective thought is kindness, so it will be. We have already seen so much evidence of wild “predators” adopting their prey, befriending their prey or choosing not to eat the flesh of others consciously as in the case of Little Tyke the lioness (see Secret Animal Business).

So what we do with our buying choices and what we do with our food choices affects others. It’s well and truly time to give them the respect and reverence they so deserve. A is someone who has made a commitment to a plant-based diet.

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Vegen dating sites introduction

Vegen dating sites

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