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Updating spreadsheet values using functions vba

Of course there is more to learn and know about tables and lists.

Finally it applies the tablestyle and deletes the temporary style: Note that the function shown above does not take into account that you can set the width of the stripes, both vertically and horizontally. Paste Special xl Paste Values And Number Formats End With End Sub Hi Jan, I just stumbled on to your page a couple of days back. Can you please explain List Objects(2) and List Objects(1). The tables I'm working with are on different sheets. I tried replacing Activesheet with the sheet name and replacing number with the table name Paste Add2Table Active Sheet. Data Body Range, _ Worksheets("Inventory Movement"). List Objects("tbl Inventory Movement") but this gave the error script out of range.

Select End With ' No go in 2003 '2: with the range object 'select an entire column (data only) o Sh. Select 'select an entire column (data plus header) o Sh. Select 'select entire data section of table o Sh.

Another part in which lists already had most of the functionality.

Select End Sub As you may have spotted, Excel 2013, 20 handle tables like they are range names. After inserting a table, a range name is defined automatically. Remove a table (convert back to range) and the defined name is removed as well.

Auto Filter Field:=2, _ Criteria1:=RGB(156, 0, 6), Operator:=xl Filter Font Color End Sub You may wonder why this subject is there, why not simply ask for the cell. Theme Color if you need the Theme Color of a cell in a table?

Course Content: Spreadsheet terminology; Getting help; Navigating workbooks; Entering and editing text, values and formulas; Working with pictures; Saving and updating workbooks; Moving and copying data and formulas; Absolute and relative cell references; Inserting and deleting ranges, rows and columns; Using functions; Formatting text, rows, columns and numbers; Conditional formatting; Additional formatting options; Preparing to print; Page Setup options; Printing worksheets; Chart basics; Formatting charts.

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Updating spreadsheet values using functions vba introduction

Updating spreadsheet values using functions vba