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Updating itunes device recovery software

I tried everything, Manjaro, Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Elementary OS and Linux mint.

Most of the fucking times you install an update either your grub will make you problems, missing repositories, driver glitches, wifi not working and other bullshit.

But i still can't recommend it to most people because while the software updates automated and easy the capabilities for specific tasks simply do not hold up for the more advanced home user that for example likes to photo or video edit.l have been using Windows 7 for more than five years; not a single crash during these years.

The problems with Windows that you describe are non-existent. My Mom is almost 90, and has been running Xubuntu for almost eight years.

I made a response to some of the feedback on this video, clarifying some of my philosophies around software and OS choices: To answer some FAQs: - I do use Windows on my main rig (which is for my BUSINESS), as my production requires the Adobe Suite.

While there are great audio/video/gfx tools available for beginners and casuals on Linux, there's nothing that could replace using the Adobe Suite without sacrificing efficiency, workflow, quality, specific tools I rely on, etc. (At least that are within affordable reach.) I also use Windows specifically for education ABOUT Windows. I teach people Windows and Windows-related hardware and software, so I use Windows for all of this.

- and spend a lot of my non-work computing time within Linux VMs to learn, build, develop new content, etc.

I still find Windows 10 to be light years ahead of Linux desktop, it also looks a million times better - everything just works out-of-the-box, so I can focus on productivity - and I dont mind paying for it when it gives me peace of mind. There is a lot of software I purchased over the years for Windows, but not really used that much or at least on a regular basis.

Computers will always be a mystery to most people.doesnt have the software I need and the alternatives are garbage. Windows 10 installs and updates most drivers completely automated using validated drivers that have gone trough a driver process at microsoft so the end user doesn't need to worry about this at all.

and im also so sick to death of hearing how amazing linux is. The homefolder exists on Windows to and they even make it easy by linking to those on the My Computer screen, not to mention the file structure on the C: drive being a lot more simplified then then the root directory on Linux.

I had 3 months of updates forcing upon my system and ruining things until I had to do a fresh install.

And every major update release (Win10 itself, Anniversary Update, Creators Update, Fall Creators Update) there's always an outpouring of so many people who's installs are bricked or they're introduced to many more issues as a result. Nothing is perfect, but things can frequently be easier in Linux and without Microsoft's spying.

Some people do have the attitude that it's got to be paid for to be any good and would rather use a pirated copy of a proprietary title than use free software. Been sitting on the fence for year and a half using a dual boot with Mint.

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Updating itunes device recovery software introduction

Updating itunes device recovery software