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In the broad sense the state is any political organization, whereas in the narrow sense the state represents only one type of political organization. Thietmar's (Saxon) version has survived in short narratives by Saxon annalists: Thietmar of Merseburg's Chronicle (1014), the Quedlinburg Annals, Works of Magdeburg Bishops (12 century the first information about Lithuania also appeared in the Ruthenian (Rus') chronicles.It may be defined as a regional political organization ruled by professional officers maintained by taxpayers. Most of them begin with Nestor's Narrative of the Old Times (which has not survived as a separate work; its best transcripts are found in Laurentius' chronicle and that of Volhynia).The Livonian Rhymed Chronicle, written in 1295-1297, is one of the most valuable sources for 13 century it is the one that contains the greatest number of references to the internal life of the Lithuanian state.Particularly important is the one about Mindaugas' father - a king who had no equals.The so-called Radziwill Chronicle - the oldest illustrated Ruthenian chronicle-was also compiled in the land of Vladimir-Suzdal.

We can tentatively distinguish two main concepts of the state - a narrow one and a broad one.

One of the most important sources for research into the formation of the Lithuanian state is the Volhynian (Ipat'evskaya) Chronicle, which describes events that took place before 1290.

It has survived as the Ipat'evsky manuscript dating from about 1420 and the Khlebnikov manuscript dating from the 16 century.

It devotes comparatively little space to the early history of Lithuania.

However, a few important facts are mentioned from the second half of the 13 century.

The main task of research into the formation of the Lithuanian state is to minimize the inevitable part played by imagination and to make the reconstruction as plausible as possible.

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Feb 24, 2018. It's got a World Heritage site you've never heard of. Estonia has two Unesco World Heritage sites. The historic old town of Tallinn is well known for its wonderfully preserved medieval architecture; more obscure is the Struve Geodetic Arc, which Estonia shares with Belarus, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway. 
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Similar related dating site in estonia introduction

Similar related dating site in estonia