Sim 2 dating game

She had large amber eyes, a small and exquisite nose, cherry lips, and her silky black hair was braided into pigtails.Her hairclips were dark red, and she was wearing a beautiful sailor-style school uniform.Not only that, the military equipment in this world made his eyes sparkle; apart from conventional weapons, such as guns, tanks, and cruisers, there were also robot warriors, single-pilot mechs, flying castles, and biologically engineered living giants—technology that he had only seen in sci-fi manga before.Even though there was no apparent magic or superpowers to be seen, Seiji believed there may be something under the surface—it’s just that ordinary people were incognizant of the true situation.Next was the ability to inspect his own stats and check someone’s current level of friendship or affection towards him.

Let’s just start from here now—a new life after reincarnation.

] [Charisma: 0 - Even a pile of dog poop on the roadside is more attractive.] ...

The descriptions next to his statistics were painful to look at, but that wasn’t important—because Seiji still retained memories from his new body, he could only lament that the original Seiji truly deserved the outcome of choking to death on instant noodles in a tiny apartment.

But, for this ability to appear in real life, heavens... After reincarnating, Seiji spent the majority of his time experimenting with this final ability; at first he was astounded, then he was overjoyed, but now he was starting to feel slightly scared.

As long as he saved a file beforehand, it didn’t matter what he did afterwards; all he had to do was load the saved file, and he could start all over again with a clean slate!

His entire world turned dark momentarily, before becoming light once more.

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Sim 2 dating game introduction

Sim 2 dating game