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Self validating tests

response.should render_template('special_index') else response.should render_template('index') end end I chose Timely on the quiz because the test code was presented after the controller code. principle is not complete or concise enough concerning the "I".

But I got the question wrong, and in retrospect, this wasn't a good choice.

In any application, which solves real world problems, having problems in it’s unit tests – is least desirable thing.

Good written tests are assets while badly written tests are burden to your application.

One of the major cause of slow tests – is dependency that must handle external evil necessities such as databases, files, and network calls. So to make suite fast, you must avoid creating these dependencies by using mock testing.

Never ever write tests which depend on other test cases.

To accomplish repeatable tests, you must isolate them from anything in the external environment not under your direct control. You’ll want to set up a private sandbox to avoid conflicts with other developers whose tests concurrently alter the database.

In this situation, you may use in-memory databases.

The value of your suite of unit tests diminishes as their ability to provide continual, comprehensive, and fast feedback about the health of your system also diminishes.A CI tool watches your source repository and kicks off a build/test process when it recognizes changes. Drop me your queries related to FIRST Principles in comments section. If tests are not repeatable then you will surely get some bogus test results and you can’t afford to waste time chasing down phantom problems. Manually verifying the results of tests is a time-consuming process that can also introduce more risk.Tests must be self-validating means – each test must be able to determine that the output is expected or not. Make sure you don’t do anything silly, such as designing a test to require manual arrange steps before you can run it.

First, it’ll be easier to write the test, and second, the test will pay off immediately as you flesh out the rest of the behaviors in the surrounding code.

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Self validating tests introduction

Self validating tests

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