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Saveorupdate is not updating

something has actually secected something from it)?

Its very odd you see no exception.hi, I am seeing the same behavior. like mentioned in the post, the insert statements do show in the debug.

Finally saving the object into database using the save Or Update() method of the Session object.

So what I've been doing so far to avoid the problem is to fetch the object the method that does not cause a problem later, but this is becoming more and more annoying to try and find a way that works.

When switching from Hibernate to JPA a lot of people are dismayed to find that method missing. And figuring out what piece of code persisted (or merged or retrieved) that other entity is harder than figuring out why we get a "detached entity passed to persist" message.

So let's examine the three possible cases and what the different methods do: I hope this blog gives you some pointers on how to save entities and how to work with detached entities. JDO 2.x uses the same method, Persistence Peristent(Object) for both persisting new objects and merging detached objects.

What helped us was stated in the last statement: use session.flush() before commit. I had a similar problem , Where I did not begin the transaction using Transaction t=session.begin Transaction(); then added line consisting tx.commit(); after the obj.save(); I am able to see the changes committed to the database.

Therefore our (now running) code looks like this: Tournament t = new Tournament(); Tournament Name("New Tournament"); Tournament Type("Hi / Low"); trycatch(Exception e) Hope you guys get your stuff up and running as well now. I am having the same problem after i did session.flush() and t.commit(). Thanks, Prakash Falling down is not defeat, defeat is when you refuse to get up.

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It also has a program_name field which is not null and unique. hibernate saveOrUpdate. instead of updating the existing one. 
19-Jul-2018 02:02
NHibernate feature SaveOrUpdateCopy. SaveOrUpdate method the order line that was removed on the client and therefore missing in the UpdateOrder message will not. 
19-Jul-2018 02:08
Difference between hibernate's save,update and saveOrUpdate. Update method in the hibernate is used for updating the object using identifier. 
19-Jul-2018 02:13
HibernateTemplate is not updating existing. you should not call any method. and if you do not sure which state the object is in, you should call saveOrUpdate. 
19-Jul-2018 02:17
If the transaction is rolled back and not committed the update is discarded. UPDATE queries provide an alternative way for updating entity objects in the database. 
19-Jul-2018 02:22
Hi all, I have written a simple example of storing "Cat" object in the Hibernate Example. I have written the client code as foloows in the servlet. 
19-Jul-2018 02:25
Hibernate save or update method example, The saveOrUpdate method is used to save or update the entity state to the database. In this tutorial you will learn the use. 
19-Jul-2018 02:29

Saveorupdate is not updating introduction

Saveorupdate is not updating

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