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Orbital tuning dating

Another reason to distrust the chart requires a bit of background explanation.

The ages on the chart tie back to Ar-Ar (argon-argon) radioisotope dates.

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When this timescale is established in the higher (polar) latitudes, it is often correlated at lower latitudes to reconstruct orbital-scale monsoon activity at 23,000-year cycles as well as decay of ice-sheets at both middle and high latitudes.

Climate change back to 5 million years has been established using this technique.

Both methods float together, but neither links to reality. team based its challenge of the accepted out-of-Africa story on age dates that rely on nothing more than an extravagantly-dressed belief in evolutionary time.

Climate physicist Jake Hebert kicked the supports out from beneath the whole enterprise of orbital tuning by pointing out that scientists started to use a different age assignment than the original one used to establish the validity of orbital tuning. Beneath layers of tech talk, we find a dog chasing its tail.

If orbital tuning depends on Ar-Ar, but Ar-Ar depends on orbital tuning, then neither method gives an objective age.But nobody knows, and nobody could go back in time to measure how long Earth’s magnetic poles maintained one orientation before reversing direction.The poles could have flipped much faster back then.In fact, many climate experts regard the timescales derived from orbital tuning chronometry for the last several million years to be more accurate than those based solely on radio-metric dating techniques.It is also a versatile technique—it can be applied to any ocean sediment core containing §18O.

Every 32.8 feet (10 m) of change in global sea level causes a 0.1 percent change in 518O.

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Orbital tuning dating introduction

Orbital tuning dating

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