Male opinions on dating a rape victim

General public and popular culture have traditionally viewed rape and other forms of sexual assault in the context of violence against women (Scarce, 1997).Scarce found that an estimated 5% to 10% of all rapes committed in the United States involve male victims. Laurent (1993) described the rape of a man or woman: "It’s not primarily a crime of sex—it’s a crime of violence, perpetrated against those who are seen to be vulnerable" (p. In this respect, it is imperative that we take into account the occurrences of male sexual assault.While society, to an extent, dictates differences between a woman’s and a man’s reaction to assault, similarities exist between the post-traumatic experiences of both."The terror men feel can be just as great as that experienced by a woman, and fear freezes people" (Laurent, 1993, p. According to a survey conducted by Struckman-Johnson and Struckman-Johnson (1992), 60% of male survivors believed they were going to be killed during the assault.Finally, the author discusses student affairs’ role in creating an inclusive environment in which the male survivor can break his silence.My friend sat across our usual table in our familiar coffeeshop.Though the occurrence of male sexual assault may be minute compared to the number of assaults reported by women, the findings of these studies suggest that male sexual assault warrants attention.

According to Rogers (1995), male victims are more likely than females to show a controlled manner (e.g., men are less likely to seek help at rape crisis centers, and men express less emotional struggle than women) as opposed to disorganizational manner (e.g., lost sense of control) in their initial response to the assault.Furthermore, these researchers found that men are raped by the full range of methods similarly used against women (e.g., use of weapons, threats, entrapment in rooms or cars, intoxication so as not to resist or give consent).Emotional issues of guilt and blame—common feelings of the female survivor—also make their way into the realm of male sexual assault.Further, in the weeks or months following the assault, most male victims—like female victims—report changes in their mood or life-style, some experiencing depression, inability to sleep, and loss of appetite.Post-rape trauma syndrome refers to the two-stage reaction of assault seen in many female survivors.

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Male opinions on dating a rape victim introduction

Male opinions on dating a rape victim

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