Liquidating arcade collection

Commodore managed to assemble a meager 500 machines in its first year.The four kilobyte PET’s (yes that is 4096 bytes which equates to a whopping 4096 characters!Written by Ian Matthews in February 2003 Last Updated April 2014 First announced and demonstrated in January of 1977 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago, months before the Apple II or Radio Shack TRS80, the Commodore PET was the worlds first Personal Computer.(See the note at the bottom of this page for a verification of this date).) were offered through mail order for 5 and a three to six week wait.Immediately orders starting pouring in and so Jack Tramiel quickly adjusted the price to 5.) from my local dealer in Belleville, Ontario in about 1980.I still own that equipment and all devices work like the day they left the factory.

He insisted all stores have: Within a year Commodore had enough negative feedback about their chiclet keyboard that they decided to introduce a standard keyboard model.The first prototype PET was demonstrated at the 1977 Consumer Electronics Show had been cobbled together in a hurry and on the cheap.It had a chassis made of wood and a picture tube taken from a black and white TV that MOS bought from a local hardware store.Chuck developed the PET concept and took it to Radio Shack hoping to have them retail it for him but they were not interested.Soon after, in the summer of 1977, Commodore’s founder Jack Tramiel took a three million dollar loan guarantee from Canada’s Irving Gould and immediately bought MOS Technologies, its staff, its patents, it production facilities, and the PET concept.

(Click on the keyboard picture to the right to see my PET.) At the time Canadian $ were just better than ‘par’ with American $ and that Commodore was a Canadian company with serious operations in Toronto, just a two hours from my house.

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Liquidating arcade collection introduction

Liquidating arcade collection

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