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The remains of the demolished neighbourhood can now be seen at the Born Cultural Centre archaeological site.Barcelona was seriously weakened following the War of Succession but there were many traders and entrepreneurs who set up new activities that quickly took root.With their numbers growing, the city freed itself of the old medieval walls and, following their demolition, entered an expansion phase based on the designs of the town planner and architect Ildefons Cerdà, known as the Cerdà Plan.This led to the building of a new district, the Eixample.But when the Crown of Aragon became part of the new Spanish monarchy, and the conquest of America pushed trade towards the Atlantic, the city's maritime activity was weakened.The monarchy moved to Castile, while Barcelona remained in the hands of a viceroy.The Catalans, in the thick of war, were left on their own, but they resisted.Barcelona suffered another long siege, holding out for yet another 14 months in isolation, attacked with bombs and cannons .

But the stubborn populace continued to move forward.

But, in 1713, Spain and England signed the Treaty of Utrecht, recognising the Bourbon heir as the king of Spain.

In exchange, Philip V ceded territories which up to that point had been Spanish, including part of the Netherlands, Naples, and the Kingdom of Sardinia, to the heir of the House of Austria, who was proclaimed emperor Charles VI.

In this context, Catalonia, led by Barcelona, put itself on the side of the Archduke of Austria to maintain its own statutes, aware that the Bourbons wanted to establish an absolute monarchy.

Barcelona welcomed the archduke as a great king, who even held his wedding here when he married Princess Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel in August 1708, in the Church of Santa Maria del Mar in the Born neighbourhood, an event which had all the people of Barcelona out on the streets celebrating.

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Line dating system

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