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Keri russell and scott foley dating

"There were so many girls waiting to audition I was like, ‘Can I leave? Someone sent me the script and I didn't want to read it. It was one of those moments when you read something and it's absolutely right for you at that time in your life.' I got a couple of callbacks and then had a screen test and choked," she told the mag. I was in a weird spot in my life—I just didn't want to do a TV show as odd as that sounds," he confessed. I went down to the video house with a friend who read Felicity's part with me and we made a tape.

Keri and Scott, for instance, exude an extremely friendly vibe—one that Kimmel, at the risk of sounding weird, noted seemed almost familial."But it grew into something great, and we all recovered from it," he assured.As for him being a "disaster of a boyfriend" back in the day Russell didn't exactly disagree.But what might come as a shock to fans, is these three celebs almost didn't take on the coveted roles we know and love today. [Abrams] and Matt [Reeves] chased me down and said, ‘What happened?For example, Russell walked out before even auditioning because her nerves got the best of her! You have to come back in—you're too nervous.' I was like, ‘Welcome to moi. ' They pulled me into this copy room—because it was the WB I remember there were all these Wayans Bros posters—and J. I still don't think I did amazing but they let me have the part."Meanwhile, Speedman was at a difficult place in his life at the time, and didn't even care to read the script."I was in Toronto after dropping out of theater school and I was sleeping on my mom's couch.

On Tuesday, Scott Speedman (Ben) joined Keri Russell (Felicity) at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony and then, just hours later, the former co-stars appeared side-by-side again on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." But before fans of the show get excited about the possibility of another reunion — as in a series revival — they should be warned: That really is too much to hope for.

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May 31, 2017. Keri Russell and Scott Speedman, who staged a two-person Felicity reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live and dished about what a “disaster of a boyfriend” Speedman had been. Russell and Speedman, who formed two-thirds of the WB drama's central love triangle, dated off-screen during the show's latter half. 
27-Aug-2018 23:15
Back in her Felicity days, girl-next-door Keri Russell dated her onscreen boyfriend Scott Speedman. The two dated from 2000 to 2001 and still remain close. 
27-Aug-2018 23:20
Aug 15, 2017. Keri Russell's infamous short haircut on Felicity may have received mixed reactions, but one person on set was all for it — Scott Foley. “We were actually dating at the time, and I'd been such a disaster of a boyfriend up until then,” the 44-year-old said during a joint interview with Russell, 41, on Jimmy. 
27-Aug-2018 23:23
May 31, 2017. On Tuesday, Scott Speedman Ben joined Keri Russell Felicity at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony and then, just hours later, the former. "We were actually dating at the time, and I'd been such a disaster of a boyfriend up until then, and I knew I had to put on a good show," he said of her big reveal. 
27-Aug-2018 23:27
April 2018. Keri Russell and Scott Foley photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. 
27-Aug-2018 23:32

Keri russell and scott foley dating introduction

Keri russell and scott foley dating

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