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I had no choice but to restart the payments there and then when he came. I thou Didn't hear a peep out of anybody until about a month a go.

I signed a bit of paper with my bank details on to restart it back up. But since i moved into my new house I was paying my tvl. the bailiff demanded £830 in payment there and then and was quite a nasty guy and refused to get out of my house. I of course got on my high horse and eventually he went WITHOUT any payment. And another bailiff from swift appeared at my door wanting the £830.

And as its now to do with the magistrates, their bailiffs are alot more nastier than normal bailiffs.

They have the power to get the warrants to come into the house when nobody is home etc..

I was summoned to court regarding tv licence last year and i had a letter from a debt collection agency whom said the court had asked them to recover the fine they fined me but i never recieved a letter from court stating i had been fined ..that was over 12 months ago and i sent a letter to the court with the bailiff letter asking can it be withdrew from the debt collecter and i never recieved a reply so i assumed it had been quashed ....

But now today the big bully came banging and shouting thru my letterbox and became very abusive and he wouldnt confirm id or who he was working for .........

If yes then you need to make a rule 37.11 ststutory declaration.

and couldn't afford the monthly payments for a few months until i was back in work.

I paid him £230 last thurs, so now owe £600 on the 4th Oct when he will call again for the money.

Last thing i want is them breaking into my house when im not there, and them helping themselves to my stuff. Even though I have tried to fight it, as obviously the bailiffs have added so many charges onto it it's unbelievable But hey ho... Bailiffs prey on the single vulnerable women and frighten them in to payments.

WE WILL F*****N SEE ABOUT THAT WHEN I GET A LOCKSMITH..he started to walk away as i closed my door he shouted to me live the dream.....

Im now sitting frightened as i dont know what he will do next he hasnt yet been back..

Author: uk Phone consultation with me Enforcement compliance Checklist Hi, this has recently just happened to me... i moved into my house and set up a d/d for the tvl...

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Sep 10, 2014. Hi I have woke up this morning to a man shouting through my letterbox and banging on my door when i opened the door unhappy as woke from my sleep. he said he was looking for my name when i asked who he was he said he wanted to come in and remove goods.i told him he wasnt getting. 
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