Guide to dating the undead

After Ripper and Lance dress Reef up like a girl, he gets entered in a surfing contest with Fin and Emma. Things then get worse when Bummer falls in love with Reef as Sandy Beaches!When a band comes to town, the groms plan to ditch work for the concert. With the Kahuna not available, Johnny and the groms take the Whalebus to town.Emma falls for Lo's older brother, Ty, but can't get his attention. When Reef breaks his pinky toe while surfing, he gets the whole week off.Prompted by Lo's advice in making him jealous, she brings a non-local to the Office. Fin, on the other hand, gets to replace Reef as the new surf instructor!After having enough of the bad staff food, Reef, Emma, and Broseph go get something to eat in town, but somehow get lost.Meanwhile, Fin has the hots for a guy whose extremely messy room she posted on her website.After ignoring Fin's advice about the girl, Reef finds his plan severely backfiring on him...

Lo decides to go vegetarian, and threatens to dump Reef if he doesn't join her.

With Bummer away for the night, the groms make plans for a little night-surfing action.

But when a power surge affects the entire hotel, the gang has to restore the power before he returns and busts them.

Fin and Reef compete to see who will become special surf advisor to a hot young Hollywood star. Lo gets out of the date by lying to her dad that her boyfriend Reef is actually smart, sophisticated, and plays the saxophone!

But their plans go awry when the hunk chooses Broseph as his advisor and proceeds to steal Broseph's identity one step at a time. There's a job posting for Sport and Activities Director, and Fin decides to apply.

The discovery, made at the ancient temple of Perperion, south-east of the Bulgarian capital Sofia, is further evidence that people really did believe that vampires could rise from the dead if they were not buried properly.

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Guide to dating the undead introduction

Guide to dating the undead

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