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Domlogs not updating cpanel

In other of my clients I checked the error log and I found this message: This is caused because each subdirectory is created with each apache httpd process owner, because of mod_ruid2 functionality.

To solve this issue I’ve added this new mod_security directives for creating the logs subdirectories with the correct permissions.

You can refer this link to install c Panel in your Cent OS server, c Panel installation guide Here I’m listing the default permission and ownership of important files and folders in a c Panel account (This includes information for a c Panel account).

The document root is located under the /home/&user directory by default.

public_html: A subdirectory, located inside your home directory, that contains files that are publicly accessible via HTTP. Any files and folders inside of public_html are visible over the Internet, unless you specifically protect them with password protection or using the .htaccess file.

The installation of c Panel is also an easy process.

dontlog [%- END %] [% ELSE %] Transfer Log [% paths.dir_domlogs %]/[% wildcard_safe(vhost.log_servername) %] [% END -%] [% IF supported.mod_log_config && supported.mod_logio && !

enable_piped_logs -%] Custom Log [% paths.dir_domlogs %]/[% wildcard_safe(vhost.log_servername) %]-bytes_log "%t %I .\n%t %O ." env=!

dontlog [% END -%] [Tue Oct 22 2013] [emerg] (22)Invalid argument: couldn't grab the accept mutex [Tue Oct 22 2013] [emerg] (22)Invalid argument: couldn't grab the accept mutex [Tue Oct 22 2013] [emerg] (22)Invalid argument: couldn't grab the accept mutex According to Apache documentation, the Accept Mutex directives sets the method that Apache uses to serialize multiple children accepting requests on network sockets.

To read more see Accept Mutex Directive documentation When opening the file manager from cpanel the files were not showing up under public_html directory.

After changing the group to nobody the files were showed up again.

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Liquid Web’s Fully Managed cPanel servers include our. it is not a reason to put off updating your software. be in the directory /usr/local/apache/domlogs/. 
13-Aug-2018 13:30
Default files and folders permission/ownership in a. 2014 access-logs - /usr/local/apache/domlogs/crybit. not updating automatically – cPanel 2. 
13-Aug-2018 13:33
By default, your main FTP cPanel user will have and FTP path to the user's home folder, and each FTP user you create after that will have a path that you specify with you create the account in cPane 
13-Aug-2018 13:37
Tag cpanel. Installing mod. These requests are logged in domains access logs in /usr/local/apache/domlogs and in the logs used to audit the bandwidth used by each. 
13-Aug-2018 13:40

Domlogs not updating cpanel introduction

Domlogs not updating cpanel

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