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Dating the sargon legend

They were great artists in the making of beer or ale in the lager or winepress.

The Illi were the originators of the institution of marriage.

Considerable complications set in as the Elite Nobility moved into the high places.

Those who were against them were termed exiles, and those who were for them were called allies.

The word "lord" was originally Laford and the vassal was his servant.

Beal time was bell time and the word bell is derived from the name of the god Bell, famous in Ireland, Phoenicia, Central America, and Babylon. Whatever possessed excellency was said to possess a quality or to be like the Illi for "qua" means like.

Ability was from the Illi and utility was the use of the Illi.

The Illi were the first to cultivate, they tilled the ground and milled the grain into aleuron or flour.

Mountains were even called Cordirilla, or the ropes of the Illi.

The French and Roman word pavillion stood for a home or tent of the Illi.

The Irish word for house was bally, and ailaille was the high house; while the American Aztex word for house was the Xacalle, whence we get our word shack.

The word "cassa" for house comes from a very great tribe of the Illi who originally lived in the Cassiterides near England.

The natives who contacted the Illi upon the hills called them the Nobilli or the high Illi for "nob" means high.

And like the prospector who unknowingly tramples over valuable ore, we have used this word over and over wit out realizing the scope and depth of its meaning.

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The cursing of Agade translation. and then Enlil had given the rulership and kingship from the south as far as the highlands to Sargon. dating to the Third. 
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Dating the sargon legend introduction

Dating the sargon legend

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