Dating relationship origins

At the bottom of each section is a list of possible outcomes for any of your relationships.

Some of these can contain spoilers so it's best if you don't look them over unless you're trying to force a particular ending.

He has no problems doing this even in front of other members of the party although he enjoys doing it in front of Morrigan.

Update History ========================================================= v.1.0 - 2/26/2010 ========================================================= 2.How to Romance ========================================================= Intiating a romance in Dragon Age is as simple as being nice to the members of your party.While you can get away with some measure of sarcasm, especially as far as Alistair and Morrigan go, but you always run the risk of angering them with a smart mouthed response.As such you can get away with propositioning him once but after that you will lose approval for suggesting it.This goes away when you get his relationship to roughly 90% full so it takes a bit.

* NOTE: If you're a non-human and are looking to put Alistair on the throne it is HIGHLY suggested that you read his outcomes.

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Dating relationship origins introduction

Dating relationship origins

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