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Your dude may even be sensitive or insecure about this. That’s why it’s rare to find a dude with a foreskin in America.

We hope that you’ll find it informative, and gain a greater insight into the practice, as well as leave excited to try out a few new techniques to drive your man crazy in the bedroom (or wherever the mood takes you).

Last month, England's most senior family judge, Sir James Munby, said male circumcision involved 'significant harm'.

This is a section for readers to send in their own experiences of, and views about, circumcision.

If you’ve ever wondered the same thing, check out what these girls had to say, and then give us your opinion on the topic. I’ve never been with someone who wasn’t circumcised and I honestly have no idea what to do with it. So when giving him handjobs, grab the very base of it and try not to pull it back a lot, just to uncover the head, because it stings. There’s no reason to freak out over an uncircumcised penis!

lovelife1014 said: I really like this guy I work with. We make out all the time, and last night I stayed the night at his house. Yes, it may look a little different and you might not be used to it, but other than that, it’s the same as any other penis out there.

Furthermore it ignores research that shows no link between circumcision and the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

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Hello David, I was circumcised as an adult at 35 years of age, not because of a medical issue but through preference. Previously I had a foreskin that barely covered the glans when flaccid, any exitement would quickly expose my glans fully. 
02-Feb-2019 23:49
I’m Athol Kay. Dangerously Monogamous Professional Married Guy. Here to help you have the life and marriage you thought you were going to have. 
02-Feb-2019 23:54

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Dating foreskin forums

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