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You think his beliefs are "nonsense" and that you might be able to knock some sense back into him?

Lots of people think the "beliefs" invented and perpetuated by the Catholic Church are also nonsense.

It was only when we spent time with his friends (who seem to invite themselves along to lots of our dates) that I noticed the new age talk/blank look in the eyes.

Full disclosure: I am Catholic; he was raised Catholic.

But, then, sometimes, he does speak new age nonsense (at least it makes no logical sense to me ) and I get concerned.

So, far I have just asked questions and expressed that there may be helpful kernals , i.e., positive thinking, in many areas/religions even if you don't share the whole belief system.

I came out of a cult relationship in debt thousands down after never having a debt in my life.

My take is that giving money/getting money for the cult is their primary concern and that it can make day to day living difficult.

Belief systems tend to come and go, and so do friends (especially if they're attached to that belief system) but what kind of person is he at the core? Does he have control over certain aspects of his life or is he a poor little victim who thinks everybody is always mean to him and he is looking for a saviour (you)?

Are these simply wacky sort of beliefs that probably wouldn't affect a relationship, or more fundamental core values which shape how he views the world?

For example, I don't think I would be comfortable entering a potentially serious relationship, where I might get attached, if the man believed that "like attracts like" -always, and everything that happens to you, was because you attracted it.

Hi Kat, I agree that you are very smart for recognising the signs and think that before you make the decision that you should keep finding out more about Course of Miracles and looking at cult awareness sites.

I think that if you are getting along well with him apart from the cult and you enjoy spending time with him then you should pursue that, but from personal experience I would say take it very slow, don't move in or share anything of significant value of him that you dont want to run the risk of losing.

Have you seen Julia Sweeney's "Letting Go of God? Ellen Idaho Kat: A Course In Miracles itself is just a set of books with no organization controlling it, although there are some mind-control groups that may use ACIM in their "teachings" so he may be in with a mind-control group or he may just be friends with current like-thinkers.

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Course in miracles dating site introduction

Course in miracles dating site

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