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Cats intemidating each other

View hissing as a red flag that all is not happy in your cat’s world.We’re sorry but Pam is unable to respond to questions or remarks posted in the comment section.If suggestions are found, press the down key to focus the suggestions list.Select a suggestion item to set it as the value of this field.What will follow the hiss, if the cat doesn’t have an avenue of escape, will be a scratch or bite. It’s very important to establish the cause of the cat’s fear.For example, if you’re introducing two cats to each other, make sure you do a careful, gradual introduction to minimize stress and territorial threats.Caution: Sudden and unexpected aggression from your cat may also be a sign that she may be experiencing a medical problem: pain or an illness such as an issue with her thyroid.If your cat’s behavior shows a sudden or drastic change, take her to your veterinarian.

It’s a sound every cat parent has heard at some point.Hissing is a defensive vocalization which means the cat is reacting to something in her immediate surrounding that is causing her to feel frightened and in danger.The threat could be anything from another cat approaching or being handled by the veterinarian or even the cat parent.Even if your cat is the sweetest little kitty on the planet, if she has ever felt threatened or needed to send a warning to someone (feline, canine or human), she has probably hissed at some point.Hissing may seem like a comical sound for a cat to make but trust me, your cat isn’t viewing it with any type of sense of humor.

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Cats intemidating each other introduction

Cats intemidating each other

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