Catholic and protestant dating

Now I would marry someone who is an ex-Catholic, for then we would be on the same wave-length.Wow, after reading these posts I'm wondering now more than before.All things are possible with Him and it is not for us, his children, to limit his will. (So clearly, this is an issue I have thought about quite a bit...) I believe that if both parties share the common bond of Jesus Christ as Lord, then dating/marriage, with work, commitment, love, and prayer, is acceptable between a Catholic and a Protestant. Still, if you are single BA christian and you have a non-BA partner not advisable 2 marry, especially if she has a closed mind and heart, you'll know in the relationship if she has closed heart.

No instruments, no this, no that, but Church of Christ-ers have no problem jumping in their pickups, turning the radio on immediately. Holly :: You are indeed a very nice lady loyal,that is a rare attribute I also pray you find a man to compliment you with equal devotion desire and steadfastness,who will love honour cherish you as his wife his sweetheart and Mother of His children. Either you will bapized the babies or you wait as the Protestants do. Those of you who set discord here should be ashamed of yourselves. My girlfirend is catholic while I am a baptist, we both are serious believers.I am 50 and no longer able to bear children...which is fine with me since I have a 28 and 23 year old and a 1 1/2 yr old grandson... And Emcee...bantering with you keeps me young and in my Bible! i am a 31 yr old catholic, my girlfriend who ive been in a relationship with for nine years is a born again christian. she was born a catholic, when she went to work in another country, she found God through the born again community,it was our faith and love that kept us together, after nine years we are still together.I'm not a Catholic, and my husband is not pentecostal. I think a charismatic Catholic and a pentecostal could get along though. we just keep praying, i know in my heart that love will prevail, God will show the way.Blessings PS then the heat will be off you fighting with me Kidding XX:-) Only if one denomination gets shorted. To me the only way both can remain married if one gives up part of his or her faith. When two people meet and fall in love, isn't God's guidance involved, especially when both believe in Jesus Christ? I only want what God wants and I will accept and be grateful for whomever He brings into my life for marriage.If the Methodist is willing to pray the rosary as a family. Or if the Catholic is willing to baptize their kids much later okay. But, God is the one who said we should not be unequally yoked, and to marry a practicing Catholic would be in violation of God's Word. I have been waiting and praying for a very long time and the some of the attributes I have been praying for in a mate (Christian man) are not those that would be found in a man who is practicing Catholicism.

But we are both certain that God has put us together. I was brought Anglican, but never taken to church as a child.

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Catholic and protestant dating introduction

Catholic and protestant dating

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