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Fetching something over the network is both slow and expensive.

Large responses require many roundtrips between the client and server, which delays when they are available and when the browser can process them, and also incurs data costs for the visitor.

If you are using a Web View to fetch and display web content in your application, you might need to provide additional configuration flags to ensure that the HTTP cache is enabled, its size is set to a reasonable number to match your use case, and the cache is persisted.

As a result, if a proper validation token (ETag) is present, no-cache incurs a roundtrip to validate the cached response, but can eliminate the download if the resource has not changed. It simply disallows the browser and all intermediate caches from storing any version of the returned response—for example, one containing private personal or banking data.

Every time the user requests this asset, a request is sent to the server and a full response is downloaded.

At this point, the browser could dispatch a new request and fetch the new full response.

However, that’s inefficient because if the resource hasn't changed, then there's no reason to download the same information that's already in cache!

If the token hasn't changed, the server returns a "304 Not Modified" response, which tells the browser that the response it has in cache hasn't changed and can be renewed for another 120 seconds.

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Troubleshooting. Randy Edmunds edited. most changes are applied in the browser immediately as you type. Updating pauses when. Live CSS is not working. Updating. 
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Browser not updating css introduction

Browser not updating css

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