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And before all you Celtic fans - including the one standing over me with a rolling pin as I write this - start giving it the there-ye-go-ah-always- knew-he-was-wanna-them paranoia, remember one thing. This time last week I was all set to write a piece on how they had finally, eventually, taken the leap forward they've threatened for so long; but then the news broke that their greatest asset was leaving.Suddenly all the summer's advances - the arrival of a foreign coach, the signing of Thern and two top-drawer defenders, the daring bid for Ronaldo - lost their sheen. Once we get Hendry, Calderwood, Collins, Mc Ginlay and the rest back we should be well on for turning them at home and then topping it off with a win over Latvia. Chuffed to bits for Gaz Mc Az - can you believe it's a year since Wembley? Don't want to speak too soon, but I'd say we can start thinking about France next summer thanks to our reserves showing so much bottle in Belarus.Still, there was always another day and that day was Tuesday.Went and bought a 1970 Brazil No.10 shirt for the occasion, then remembered - tsk, tsk, silly old me - that I was going to watch the game in a boozer full of E**lishmen.

Her serve reduces most to rubble and very aura still has her two games up before a ball’s struck in anger.

You wondered just what a downer there would be on the day their Great Dane went walkies for good.

A couple of seasons ago, last summer even, you wouldn't have bet tuppence on Muz being able to talk the boy round.

Honestly, I'd forget my head if the knuckle-scrapers didn't want to kick it off for me.

Shouted a lot that night, mainly things like "Ole" and "Oh no, looks like a goal by Romario". One nifty bit of marker pen artwork later, "10" became "1-0" and by the time I explained my theory that, just as Rik in the Young Ones was spelled with a silent P, Paul Ince's surname actually had a silent M, it was turning into an evening to remember.

The Ibrox men are, I reckon, one more signing away from finally leaving their greatest rivals - and, therefore, the rest of us - so far behind them they will be no more than a dancing dot on the horizon. I'd go for Batistuta - though Muz says no - but whoever they end up with he will be big time and he will be here soon.

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Bill leckie online dating