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Aries dating pisces

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Hello, I was born on the Aries/Pisces Cusp (March 21st) and I was wondering if I would be compatible with a Pisces lover?

I know he wants me and I know that he knows that I want him as a matter of fact, everyone we work with knows we want each other but I think we make each other nervous, can someone please advise me on how to get my sensitive fish without scaring him off!!

I'm an Aries Female and my Childs father is a Pisces, when we first met over 13yrs ago we were so in love, and I believe we are to this day...

I know I hurt him accidentally a lot but dammit I'm an Aries!

We're both in our early thirties and if this ever gonna happen this is the time...

I'm an Aries woman(apr9) and I'm totally crazy for this Pisces guy(feb20) he's. We've known each other for like 6 yrs,we've never slept together or even kissed!

But the few times I've touched him has been crazy...

but far as us hang out he's a crybaby and he calls me mean cuz I don't care for all that it gets on my nerves so bad but at the end of the day we been together for 6yrs and share a 4yr old son soooooo by that been said im stuck with two I am a Pisces (Leo Ascendant) woman, married to an Aries (Virgo Ascendant) man. The sex life might be little stale (whose isn't after 15 years?We've adapted to each others ways I just wait each day out and let everything flow on its on just wait and see pretty soon he's gonna open up for you I am a Aries woman like previous writer April 12 and dating Pisces man March 17, OMG it's like we can't go a day without each other. Everyday is new with this guy, and the sense of humor between the both of us is amazing. Yes you can, they're listed under 'compatibility readings' in the astrology store section of this and other astrology sites.I've never used this site though I've heard good things about them and plan to try one myself soon with my Pisces honey.) but my husband is the loveliest, sweetest, most caring, fabulous individual I have ever met.Sure, he has his moments -- you know Aries when they get upset and raging -- but they are rare and, usually, justified.

Without getting charts done it's hard to say for sure, but based just on your question I'd say yes you would be compatible. Because you sound like a Pisces yourself, and not an Aries!

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Aries dating pisces introduction

Aries dating pisces

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