Aniweather not updating

This, too, is my problem and it's extremely annoying.

It started about a month ago - or around the time of the September Win 7 updates.

But like I said, almost all device failures reproduce the same symptoms relatively reliably and this is very random.

Unless I'm doing some esoteric mouse/KB input that kills all mice without affecting anything else, I can't explain why this is happening, and I don't think I'm doing the same thing each time it happens.

650 Watt PS NVidia GEForce GTX 650 Ti Logitech G5 gaming mouse (moderately old) Logitech K740 Illuminated Keyboard (Moderately new) Razr n52te gaming pad Complaint: Random freezing of mouse.

Symptoms: Usually, the mouse will freeze for no apparent reason.

It's never happened where I'm not moving the mouse and it suddenly won't move again). Possible intermittant failure of USB bus (unlikely since other devices on the exact same bus still work and the mouse doesn't). Some update has caused mouse issues and the timing suggests Windows Updates. The one I have IS old, but I tried replacing it wtih another one, and the problem persists.

Freezing (may) always occur with simultaneous input (key click, simultaneous mouse button click, scrolling and moving). The keyboard issue only ever happened the one time and hasn't repeated.

When the lights flash, the computer always has to be restarted.But it's POSSIBLE it's usually as I'm moving the mouse to the left when it freezes (I do that a lot since I often reposition the mouse to the left when writing or accessing things, so it may just be the law of averages. As a follow up: There are two things I didn't mention because I didn't think them relevant, but they may actually be based on the mouse behavior over the last two to three days (since I posted above).I'm not sure that has anything to do with it, and can't think of any reason why it would.) So, I'm baffled. I updated Libre Office to the version (From The Ani Weather addon was added when I upgraded to Firefox (most current version) because my old weather forecaster/conditions add-on didn't work in the latest version.I almost always have that running in the background. I still don't know if one, the other, or both, or neither had anything to do with the mouse freezing, and I don't know for sure the problem has resolved.I also disabled the "aniweather" add-on in Firefox, which was also almost always running, too. I do know that it was freezing up at least once or even twice a day up to the day I posted, did one time shortly after that, then hasn't frozen at all since. Right now, considering Ani Weather's features on mouseover, that it was added in the time frame that the mouse freezing started, and the mouse started working fine after I disabled the add-on (which is what I didn't mention doing), I'm looking at it as the prime suspect, though I'm still not sure about how it could cause it when I'm in a game, unless its updating glitches and locks up the mouse.

Once I disabled those, I haven't had any mouse freezing at all.

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Random Freezing of Mouse - posted in Windows 7 Mod Edit Split from. 
22-Dec-2018 14:07
Install state for Forecastfox Weather is unknown. Add to Firefox. Extension Metadata. Used by. 30,779. this report will be sent to Mozilla and not to the add-on. 
22-Dec-2018 14:10
Updating the HTML element this bug effects with element. This appears in IE but not in Chrome. 4 My Aniweather extension is missing from today morning appx 11. 
22-Dec-2018 14:15
Radar data not updated since 1/22/13. I went with Aniweather and it's pretty cool. it is now updating as well. 
22-Dec-2018 14:19
I also have AniWeather to enjoy the visual of rain or snow. My gadget list-TouchPad, Pre 3, Pre 2. The Weather Channel App not working? Similar Threads. 
22-Dec-2018 14:25

Aniweather not updating introduction

Aniweather not updating

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