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Member of a phylum (Ectoprocta or Bryozoa) of sessile colonial animals, commonly referred to as sea mats or moss animals, that are superficially similar to corals but are instead members of the Lophotrochozoa.Any worm of the phylum Chaetognatha, commonly called an arrowworm.In certain types of evolutionary trees, the branch length is used to represent the amount of evolutionary change or time.

Through a variety of mechanisms, antisense oligonucleotides can be used to inactivate gene function by interfering with the ability of an m RNA to produce its corresponding protein product. These are species that do not have nuclei and thus were originally grouped with bacteria into the “prokaryotes.” They were identified as a separate domain by analysis of r RNA sequences.

Member of a major animal phylum of solitary gelatinous marine animals commonly called comb jellies or sea gooseberries (phylum Ctenophora).

Members of this group have rows of small combs composed of cilia that are used for locomotion.

And they have a very interesting legend that explains why their language is different: “Serb tribes were great enemies of the Romans.

Finally a Roman emperor got really angry and sent an army to attack them. Both groups of Serbian tribes were indeed great enemies of their “Romans” and waged centuries long wars against invading “Romans”.

The Serbs were driven out of their homeland and came and settled down here, in the Pinsk Marshes, in Polesye…” Now what Serbs and what Romans is this legend talking about? So both are very good candidates to be “the Serbs” from the legend.

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Amino acid dating fossils introduction

Amino acid dating fossils

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